Non Nobis (zerolvxkrieg) wrote in crackhaussanta,
Non Nobis

Something Pure

Tryptich was composed as a piece to distribute among friends who, in real life and virtual dimensions, have been close, receptive and wondered about the universe of ZLKNF and its outbursts. It has been kept guarded and now is available to those who like to listen inside silence, or to drift carelessly and without fear through electric storms and magnetic seas of tranquility. Also to those who wonder what ZLKNF means, and to wake further good curiosity towards free noise, experimentalism and original outsider culture.

I sincerely believe there's a few of you here, so here's to you...

previous requests will receive confirmation email; some requests may have changed email and we are still counting the request list so if you wish to receive Tryptich make sure you have an email account that supports large files (gmail or otherwise) and send a blank email with "I DO" on the subject field or leave your email address here in a comment (all of them screened).

the piece will be delivered to you as soon as the message reaches our headquarters.
and as always...with pleasure.

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