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AAA Religion for Dummies: The underground railroad. [entries|friends|calendar]
Sucking For Jesus

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now, to lift your Spirits [29 Mar 2009|10:26am]



1st place- unknown

2nd place- Eli

3rd place- Leonardo

4th place- Meisiekind

please note: applying dyes, paint, ink & hair extensions to felines is harmful...please abstain from doing so, no matter how much you want your cat to be featured on catsthatlooklikehitler.com. If god wants your cat to look like Hitler, it will. All cats deserve love whether they look like Hitler or not.
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Extreme Christian Teens [29 Mar 2009|09:28am]


Re: Barak Obama's Presidency
by God'sAngel/God'sBabyGirl on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:04 pm

This is the conversation between Garrett & I from Ect's Political Page:
Garrett:If you leave out his acceptance of murdering babies, killing conservative radio (didn't work btw), and slowly taking over religious freedoms, sure.... He's doing great!/
Me:Wait, he is known as a "strong christian"and is he okay with murdering babies and and taking over religious freedom He is in deep doo doo.

There is a place for you

(I'm trying to figure out what the "extreme" indicates...no gays allowed, that's for sure (on the planet, not just the board)...
I'm thinking it's sartorial--they may like to shop at Hot Topic--and listen to Christian alternative rock music)

(well, at least I learned this game--add some sadism to your next road trip, if that's not too redundant)
praise the lord

suehiro maruo [24 Jan 2009|08:38pm]


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praise the lord

leviticus mix pt.1 [21 Jan 2009|08:34pm]


just remember:
wear your prophylactics!
praise the lord

[08 Sep 2008|01:30am]

praise the lord

STOP ALIEN ABDUCTIONS [22 Feb 2008|11:34pm]



"Since trying Michael Menkin's
Helmet, I have not been
bothered by alien mind control.
Now my thoughts are my own. I
have achieved meaningful work
and am contributing to society.

My life is better than ever
before. Thank you Michael for
the work you are doing to save
all humanity."

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Ian Svenonius [23 Mar 2007|02:02pm]


Seinfeld was designed expressly to rehabillitate the blighted American city, not only as a place desirable for white people to live (the characters on the show, all white, bear the last names Costanza, Bennes, Kramer, and Seinfeld, representing a pan-caucasoid alliance), but as an amoral upper-class playground, where no one need act responsibly or nicely - an anti-community. On the show, the city is advertised as a place where sex is plentiful and always transmogrifying, owing to the self-replenishing flesh pool that every urban center offers up.

Seinfeld's characters indulge in a selfishness unimaginable in the suburban milieus of their televised predecessors. Due to the anonymity that the city provides, there is no culpability for their actions. The programs's conspiratorial tone of intimate confidentiality stems from its function as proxy mouthpiece for the ruling class through which to speak to its bourgeois counterparts.

The lack of an overt message in seinfeld reflects capitalism's code: individualism and self-interest reign supreme. In one episode, where Jerry ruminates over a "black and white" cookie, he spoofs a message of racial harmony. "Look to the cookie", he says; ironically, the black and white cookie depicts a segregated world, as opposed to fudge swirl ice cream, for example.

Of course, Seinfeld's characters are supposed to be read as the four principle psychological components of one person, with Jerry as the ego, Kramer as the id, George as the unconscious, and Elaine as teh rationalizing superego. The ciryscape of this psychological interpretation is their projection of reality, with foreign bodies as irritants, each one enforcing the conceit that humanity, except in the role of sex-toy or clown, is contemptible: an enemy agent.
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[25 Dec 2006|07:28am]



Merry Christmas!
praise the lord

[12 Dec 2006|04:41pm]


"I do this for one reason, and one reason only
praise the lord

peeing jesus [08 Dec 2006|03:50pm]

praise the lord

[08 Nov 2006|12:20pm]


Calvaire by Félicien Rops (1833-1898)

praise the lord

[03 Aug 2006|09:20pm]

praise the lord

[05 Jun 2006|10:16pm]

Christ at play:
Makes a dead boy speak
Gathers spilt water
Kills a playfellow
Kills his schoolmasters
Disputes with the doctors,
and confounds them.
Is baptized.

all chapter headings genuine and from a translation of the Infancy Gospel
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Something Pure [12 May 2006|02:49pm]


X/y/MUTANTCollapse )
2sucks| praise the lord

jesus christus - the musical [13 Apr 2006|07:57am]
[ mood | amused ]

Jesus Christus Uber Star!

- click!

it made me laugh so much!
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dreams come true. [02 Feb 2006|10:50pm]


jesus had a sisterCollapse )
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'Paradise regained' [30 Jan 2006|01:50am]


Weimar Berlin's depraved, sin-filled nights tantalize the imagination anew in Mel Gordon's "Voluptuous Panic."
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almost too good to be true [29 Jan 2006|02:49am]

"BBC takes Jesus to Manchester"

"The climax sees Jesus sing the Smiths' Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now as he is flailed by Roman soldiers.

in other news:

Drug dealers pay new 'crack tax'

first tennessee and then...

we're gonna lose a whole generation of aspiring rappers.
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dream girl [29 Jan 2006|12:47am]


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[29 Jan 2006|12:41am]

Pardon me sir, can you point the way to Eschaton?
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[27 Jan 2006|01:38am]


"untitled" by julian brain
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The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb [24 Jan 2006|07:47am]

5sucks| praise the lord

stamp collection (from the illegal art files) [24 Jan 2006|04:33am]


Michael Hernandez de Luna
"Prozac," "Viagra"
Computer Laser Print/U.S. Postage Cancellation, 1996-9

The artist's pieces violate a number of laws. In addition to reproducing trademarked designs for Viagra and Prozac, de Luna has sent his artist stamps through the mail as postage. The cancelled letters are a testament to his skill in fooling postal workers. Many other works are featured in The Stamp Art and Postal History of Michael Thompson and Michael Hernandez de Luna.
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[24 Jan 2006|02:42am]


a jokeCollapse )
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Nostra Dama [24 Jan 2006|02:02am]

3sucks| praise the lord

Lobotowhat. [24 Jan 2006|01:55am]

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measure my beauty. [18 Jan 2006|05:12pm]


"anointed with fragrance, she takes lotus steps;
though often sad, she steps with swift lightness.
she dances like the wind, leaving no physical trace.
another stealthily but happily tries on the palace style,
but feels such distress when she tries to walk!
look at them in the palms of your hands, so wondrously small
that they defy description."
~su shi.

she dances like the windCollapse )
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human upgrades. [17 Jan 2006|06:08pm]


the possibility is our obligationCollapse )
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piety-s [12 Jan 2006|11:38am]


7sucks| praise the lord

royal blood [11 Jan 2006|11:35pm]


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