erzulie eardrum (erzulie_eardrum) wrote in crackhaussanta,
erzulie eardrum

Extreme Christian Teens

Re: Barak Obama's Presidency
by God'sAngel/God'sBabyGirl on Sun Mar 15, 2009 8:04 pm

This is the conversation between Garrett & I from Ect's Political Page:
Garrett:If you leave out his acceptance of murdering babies, killing conservative radio (didn't work btw), and slowly taking over religious freedoms, sure.... He's doing great!/
Me:Wait, he is known as a "strong christian"and is he okay with murdering babies and and taking over religious freedom He is in deep doo doo.

There is a place for you

(I'm trying to figure out what the "extreme" gays allowed, that's for sure (on the planet, not just the board)...
I'm thinking it's sartorial--they may like to shop at Hot Topic--and listen to Christian alternative rock music)

(well, at least I learned this game--add some sadism to your next road trip, if that's not too redundant)
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