glass dream. (glastraum) wrote in crackhaussanta,
glass dream.

measure my beauty.

"anointed with fragrance, she takes lotus steps;
though often sad, she steps with swift lightness.
she dances like the wind, leaving no physical trace.
another stealthily but happily tries on the palace style,
but feels such distress when she tries to walk!
look at them in the palms of your hands, so wondrously small
that they defy description."
~su shi.

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my hero.
Me or the gnarly-toothed cootersnatch?
Oops. Just realized this wasn't the gnarly-toothed cootersnatch entry.

No caffeine yet.
I've seen several of these pictures in 'Splendid Slippers: A Thousand Years of an Erotic Tradition', but not the second one. I'm sort of surprised that is hasn't made a comeback in some sort of surgical form. Is there such thing as foot reduction surgery? Hmm.
there are no comebacks. the erotic tradition of today is called stilettos.
It typically involves the shortening or removal of the pinky toes, usually to fit into pointy toed shoes more easily.
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Not yet online (
And god knows how many more.